Brenda Sylvia

Paintings by Brenda M. Sylvia

Silver Raven Studios
Artist Statement

Brenda Sylvia is passionate about the beauty of nature. It feeds her
soul. The act of painting outside and experiencing nature firsthand is an
integral part of Brenda’s artwork. She often begins her paintings on
location which strengthens her connection to the place which has inspired
her. Brenda interprets the landscape she loves and encourages people to
feel a deeper connection to the scenes she paints. In 2008, Brenda moved
to the US Virgin Islands where she lived and painted for nine years. Living
in the bright light of the tropics influenced her artwork by feeding her
obsession with color. In 2017 she returned to Virginia where in her home
and studio in Reedville, Virginia she is again surrounded by inspiring
landscapes. Brenda often paints scenes from the shores of the Chesapeake
Bay and the nearby rural farming communities. In designing her paintings
she combines subjects and enhances colors to express her vision. Brenda is
always pushing to further discover her creative voice and LOUDLY expressing it with paint.



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