Brie Hayden

Brie Hayden is an artist specializing in freehand graphite drawings with breathtaking realism. She is self-described as a left-brained artist obsessed with detail and shading. Brie’s drawing process becomes almost meditative for her, as she meticulously replicates the contours, light, and shadows found in her photo references. Her style continues to push further into hyperrealism, as she works to perfect her craft.

"My art is a celebration of detail and precision. I work exclusively in mediums that I can tightly control, making no unintended marks. Constantly sharpening my pencils and working entirely freehand, I draw objects with often unnoticed or unappreciated details. Carefully crafting each line and curve, I work to capture the subtle changes between highlights and shadows. The objects I depict are surrounded by large white spaces, allowing the viewer to be fully absorbed into the piece and appreciate its intricate details."

The Antique Bottle Series is an on-going collection of Pre-Prohibition Era wine and spirits bottles. This series showcases the inherent beauty of imperfections and aging by depicting the wrinkles, stains and tears present in the old labels, bringing attention to their rich history.


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