Carol Joannette


Carol Joannette is an award winning self-taught painter who creates works based on
elements of her life reimagined and portrayed through the life of a sparrow. These works
tend to be whimsical illustrations with titles that are puns or idioms but to the artist, hold
deeper meanings like love, loss, change and growth.
Carol has been showing and selling her work at the Artists Gallery and Beach Gallery in
Virginia Beach. She has participated in shows at the Beach Gallery, the d’Art Center in
Norfolk and the Artist Gallery where she has won several awards.


I’ve been working on my Sparrow Series for the past four years and honestly, I see no end in sight. Each piece - like many artworks - is of a confessional nature - a glimpse into the themes in my life - relived and reimagined by these comical and inquisitive birds. The series started as graphite drawings which over time has evolved to boldly colored pieces. Although some of the creations have been worked in colored pencil, India ink, watercolor, and collage, my primary media of choice these days is acrylic paint. I typically start with the kernel of an idea: an idiom, a song, a poem, or an emotion that is present as I learn and grow and evolve in this second stage of my life. Then I day dream about the kind of painting I want to create that will challenge my creativity and provide a humorous take on the theme. Once I’m satisfied with the composition, I interpret the design on canvas. My hope is to create whimsical and thought-provoking story-pictures that will intrigue and delight the viewer.



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