Dallas Mosman

As a young child, she listened to her mother talk admiringly about how a great aunt designed hats for Wanamaker’s Department Store in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1900s.  She surmised that the ability to create was a good thing, and since someone in the family had it, maybe she did too.  So she began drawing on the blank pages in the front and back of all the books in her house. 

That was many years ago!  She draws and paints on canvas now.  And her creative work is about a sense of history, place, and space, through rich patinas and ethereal form.

She is especially influenced by the interiors of Vermeer and Degas.  Vermeer for his soft colorful neutrals and transparent darks against opaque lights.  Degas for his exquisitely rich pastels and voluminous spaces.

One of her favorite points of view is from the printer/painter Sir Howard Hodgkin who said, “I would like to paint pictures were people didn’t care what anything was because they were so enveloped by them”. 

With that in mind her mantra is “Forge ahead - take chances.”


Website: www.dallasmosman.com

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