Dallas Mosman

As a young child, Dallas Mosman listened to her mother talk admiringly about a great aunt designing hats for Wanamaker’s department store in Philadelphia in the early 1900s. She surmised that the ability to create was a good thing, and that since someone in the family had it, maybe she had it, too. Dallas began drawing on blank pages in the front and backs of all of the books in her house. This extreme desire to create continued, and she now draws in sketchbooks and makes paintings.

Inspired by a love of the environment and architecture, Dallas’s subjects are gardens, landscapes, and historic interiors with recurring themes of space, color, and movement. She enjoys the physicality of mixing the rich, creamy oil paint. It is like preparing the soil for a garden project or experiencing the patina of age in an interior — tactile and visual — all relying on a process leading to the reality of the daydream. She applies paint with a palette knife, cloth, pigment sticks, and, less frequently, brushes. These tools allow a freedom of movement to mimic the idea of space, whether in the environment or in an interior.

Her paintings occupy a space between reality and imagination. She would like looking at them to be like love at first sight, where the heart skips a beat, and one becomes totally enveloped. A tall order, but one that she strives toward.


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