Darron Franta

A husband, father, and marketer, Darron Franta is also a fine art nature and landscape photographer living in Richmond, Virginia.

A native Texan, his love for photography began at age 10 when he boldly announced to his family that he was going to become a photographer for National Geographic. To fuel this calling, an instamatic camera soon appeared and he began stalking family members and creatures on his family’s farm. In high school, when not in the darkroom, Darron spent much of his time with a Pentax K1000 draped over his shoulder, shooting school events and furthering his knowledge of photography. College provided further opportunities to develop his skillset. Along with shooting senior portraits, school dances, corporate events and weddings, he also shot for his college newspaper and his hometown’s daily newspaper.

Upon graduation Darron entered the corporate world (there was no pursuit of National Geographic!) and placed his camera in the closet, only bringing it out for the random work-related event or for his children’s sporting events. However, major life changes often lead to rebirth and Darron returned to the familiarity of looking through a lens in 2012. This time, the subject was the natural world.

Encouraged by his wife, and moved by natural landscapes, he has become driven to deliver Earth's beauty to others and to share what he has seen and experienced. Darron’s goals are to continue to improve in his craft, travel to remote and unique locations and create images that elicit wonder and awe. He will continue to seek big, empty walls in order to transform them into windows for reflection and inspiration.



Website: http://www.frantaphotography.com/

Instagram: franta.photography