Dee Justin

“An artist’s creative vision comes from inspirations, memories, or surroundings. The a-ha moment is when someone sees the artists vision and wants to own it.”

Dee Justin’s subject matter is based on realism — portraits, still life, and landscape. Whether Dee is painting a child’s portrait, a pet portrait, or the geese in a pond, she attempts to capture the essence of that moment in time. She observes her subjects, photographs them, and then lets the creative process begin with sketching and creating art. Dee enjoys the spontaneity of the unknown when working in watercolor or acrylic media. She takes advantage of what happens when water and color meet with watercolor, the magic that occurs after it dries. Her spontaneity is also found in her acrylic work, but the effect is achieved with a palette knife, paint, and movement. Dee has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in graphics/advertising and art history.

When commissioning a portrait with Dee, it is important to share your enthusiasm. Share your reason for wanting the portrait. Dee’s approach to accepting a portrait commission is, “Let’s brainstorm together and make your ideas a reality.”