Don Adams

Don Adams creates stylized abstract sculptures in driftwood. He also works in other woods, stone, and clay. His sculpture series focus on texture, shadows and light, the human form, birds and animals, sea life, and the elements (air, earth, fire, wind). His work varies in size from under 6 inches to more than 6 feet.

After retiring from orthodontics, Don delved into fine art and bluegrass banjo. He attended many week-long events in woodturning, portrait clay sculpture, and music, and had the opportunity to study one-on-one in the studios of teachers he admired. A lover of woodturning, he learned about the technical properties of wood and how to attain flow in a wood sculpture, but the creative aspects of stylized sculpture won him over.

Don seeks to achieve a balance among beauty, movement, and flow in his sculpture, and emphasizes the importance of each pieces relating a story that evokes a response from the viewer.