Emily Rapoport

"I am a mixed media artist who uses pen and ink and colored markers for their immediacy and ability they give to create intricate and delicate designs and figures. I also love collage, and am still exploring other paper based methods of shaping my ideas, such as printmaking and papier-mâché.

"My passion encompasses both the world of literature and the visual arts. I have always enjoyed writing fiction and making up stories, so it’s not surprising that narrative content is integral to my drawing process. In each piece, I try to create a world which is complete, and which represents a snapshot of the setting. Whereas my writing tends to be quirky, ironic, and a bit dark, in my art I strive to take viewers into a space which is fantastical, whimsical, perhaps even joyful or romantic.

"Most of my work begins with an intuitive process which is generated in the moment, and may start with rendering the decorative patterns within a single figure or object. This slowly evolves into an idea for a narrative which then suggests what other elements should be included. When I add characters I decide how they are going to interact with each other. This dictates their position, eye-line, and location in the piece. I intuitively will know what should come next, and as I surrender to the flow of ideas it makes a certain absolute sense."


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