Feel the Rhythm: James Bassfield

James Bassfield grew up in Richmond, Virginia where he began his love affair with art at an early age. Over the years, he taught himself to draw and paint in most any medium. After graduating from Hampton University with a degree in electronics, James enjoyed a long career with IBM while still becoming prolific in his art. In 1991 James was commissioned to draw a pencil portrait of then Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder, which was used on over 3,000 invitations for the B’nai B’rith International Great American Traditions Award and presented to the governor. At present, he accepts individual large or small commissions in pencil, watercolor, oil or acrylics, and is proud to have many of his works hanging in private collections throughout the United States. 


James Bassfield is also a co-founder of Crossroads Art Center. 

As it is with jazz, James’ paintings are partly planned and partly spontaneous; that is, as the musicians perform a pre-determined tune, they have the opportunity to create their own interpretations within that tune and whatever else may occur "in the moment" -- this is called improvisation, and is the defining element of jazz. It is the same with James’ paintings. 

Artist Website: https://jamesbassfield.com/