Jinx Constine

Jinx Constine has been painting for more than 25 years. Born in New York, her family moved to Richmond, Seattle, and Chicago before returning to Virginia in the 1970s. She received her Bachelors from the University of Virginia in art history and began her study of studio art at the same time. Professionally, Constine was in the investment business, but continued taking drawing, painting, and mixed media workshops and classes. Over the years, Jinx has studied with notable artists, including Nancy Witt, Richard Crozier, John Morgan, Diane Detamore, Shelly Bechtel Shepherd, and Jane Joyner.

Jinx left the investment world to focus on her family and her art in 2002. The conflict that existed in her professional work versus her artistic work continues to appear in her art today. Her creative life floats between traditional landscapes and lyrical abstracts. An undecided painter, she loves both styles. Color is the bridge between these two worlds in her art.

Painting is Jinx’s mediation, her escape from reality. The process of painting a traditional landscape transports Jinx into the scene. Her objective is not to accurately translate the scene, but to invoke the feeling of being there. For abstract paintings, she goes into an alternate reality of nature where the representation of objects, people, and atmosphere is about relationships of color and the conflict and tension between positive and negative space. Jinx hopes to create art that captures the viewer’s attention, allowing them to escape, if only for a moment


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