Joyce Reid

Originally from Southern Maryland, Colonial Beach VA is now her home. 

Joyce has always been a crafter who took every opportunity to create. After moving to 

the beach, she began to explore her artistic side. Inspired by the beauty around 

her on the Potomac River and throughout the Northern Neck of Virginia she began to experiment with resin. Joyce utilizes a multitude of materials, from crushed mirrors, sea glass, driftwood, and scraps of stained glass. 

She loves exploring shops for treasures like napkin rings and broken jewelry, turning cast offs,  

scraps and bits into something new and showcase their beauty.  Giving a new purpose to  

objects that would otherwise be discarded.  

 Joyce has recently been exploring bead mosaics. Acrylic painting on glass, then embellishing with glass beads. 

Art is a journey, and we look forward to watching where it will take her next. 

Joyce Reid currently has no products for sale online.

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