Julia Malakoff

Julia Tova Malakoff was fortunate to be able to explore the arts before the digital age. Growing up in Iowa, where it was winter more than not, Julia used the indoor season to create. She wrote stories and poems, painted pictures, photographed her family and their life in a college town. Her hands were always moving and her hunger for the creative arts continued to grow. At the most unfortunate age of sixteen, her parents moved from the heart of the Midwest to the capital of the south. At first, Richmond seemed the opposite of what Iowa city had to offer. But Julia quickly found the creative souls in high school and continued to seek them out when she attended Virginia Commonwealth University. Julia graduated with degrees in English/Writing and Advertising. After a few early jobs in publishing, Julia ventured off to start her own artist agency called, Envoy Creative Consultants. She represented commercial artists and photographers, landing them local and national level accounts. Fast forward to marriage and four children, Julia returned to her creative roots and began writing and painting once more.


Julia’s work is influenced by the Impressionists and the Moderns who paved the way for creative expression.


This interview in Grace & Gravity, a literary anthology published by American University by Annie Przypyszny, a graduate of AU explains Julia’s creative process.

Interview with Julia Malakoff

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