Kirk Thore

Born in Petersburg, Virginia, and raised in Hopewell, Virginia, accidental artist Kirk Thore is now living a life he never considered throughout his youth or career. Working in construction after high school and moving through apprenticeship programs, he began working at Allied Signal (now Honeywell) in 1980. 

His love of classic cars and anything mechanical has always been a favorite hobby. Between jobs, he would search for scrap metal and discarded car parts and make things from them. He began to display these items in his garage. Friends soon offered ideas, and he would interpret those ideas and make his version out of found objects.

In retirement, his creativity increased and he made more of these industrial objects. He has built everything from crabs (horseshoes) to fish (old ice tongs) to a chicken (old farm tools and rebar). Every day he is inspired with new designs and ideas and finds a way to bring them to life.