Kristi Zerull

Kristi Zerull feels very lucky to be a visual artist. Painting brings balance to her life. Working out of her home studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia, acrylics are her medium of choice. She experiments with color to create moods and feeling while showing her love and respect for nature. If working on a commission, Kristi strives to express the love of her clients for the subject. Realism/photorealism is her current style, but she is exploring abstraction in parts of her paintings to help her loosen up as well as create more variation and movement. After taking two wonderful classes in porcelain painting, she has incorporated new techniques and added more texture in her works as well. Kristi doesn’t just paint on canvas and boards; she also likes working with the grain of wood, the smoothness of aluminum, and the textures of stone. She delights in bringing each surface to life with vivid colors, textures and movement. Kristi’s love of nature and wildlife are evident in all her pieces.  Her goal is to connect with the public and bring a bit of happiness into their homes. Kristi looks forward to sharing her pieces with the Richmond community.

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