Kristi Zerull

I was born and raised in Boones Mill, Virginia.  From an early age I loved creating and was very much influenced by my creative father.  My parents’ love of animals and nature is alive in me as well as in my artwork.  As much as I love working in my garden, I love creating paintings that move and inspire others.  My medium of choice is acrylic since fumes from oil were always too strong for my family and now they have such wonderfully creamy acrylics available.

My main focus in my artwork is to paint what moves and/or inspires me.  I like working with light, color and movement.  Painting is a way of sharing that excitement and adoration with the world.  I am a realist at heart but have always loved surrealism.  So, I hope to incorporate more whimsy and loosen up in parts of my pieces in the future.  I can still hear my painting professor in college telling me to “loosen up!”  So, I am still working on that to this day.  Until then, I hope people find some joy in my pieces that can brighten their days and, hopefully, their walls.

Currently, I work out of my sunny studio that looks out over my back garden in Vinton, Virginia.  Due to many life changes and relocating, I had a hard time getting back into the saddle.  But now, I feel I am finally finding my “footing” again and look forward to what my new chapters might have in store for me.  I am very happy to have found my way back to Richmond again even though it is a little further away now


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