Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi is a landscape painter of local, regional, and international scenes. Using only a palette knife, she travels with her oil paints around the world and down the street. She does not consider her plein air works studies, but rather finished works that stand on their own, that may or may not inform later studio pieces. 

Her style demands an alla prima approach (‘all at once’), not only because of changing light, but because her palette knife work lays down paint quite differently from a brush. She paints quickly, to capture THAT cloud, THAT tree, THAT moment in time that will never be again. Even in the studio, this sense of urgency persists.

Her fascination with the changes in value and color as time passes, even as she is watching the scene play out, may result in a series of images celebrating those changes. Hollett-Bazouzi is especially fascinated with the changes that occurs at twilight in the sky and water—that mint green that is lighter than the sky, that dusky turquoise in the sky on the horizon darker than the rest of the sky, that pink and yellow in the clouds.

Hollett-Bazouzi received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Art from Radford University. She is a docent at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.