Linda Lavigne-Long

Linda Lavigne-Long doesn’t see a field, mountain, hay bales, or an iris. To her, these are patterns, shapes, color, design combinations, and textures to be placed into paper, canvas, clay, wood, or any medium she can modify to accept it. Growth as an artist has developed an ability to use a wide variety of media to do that and to tap the creativity within herself.

Linda began painting as an adolescent using the most intriguing shapes, colors, and textures available at home — blue water, white beaches, and seagulls around the nets and rigging of Biloxi’s shrimp boats.

Later, while completing art studies at the University of Southern Mississippi, she favored on-site watercolors of dirt roads and cottonfield shacks and also began to use pure abstraction. While there, she also received the offer of a lifetime from Bryan to take her to find some shapes across the big muddy river. Accepting, she began with a Louisiana bayou winter scene that froze into crystals as she painted it, delighting them both. After that, anything was possible, so she tried to do it all — everywhere.


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