Lisa Boardwine


In the tradition of the Abstract Expressionists, my work stems from a subconscious and intuitive process. Essential to the language of my painting is the layering of textures, marks, and color to create a history of surface. These surfaces contain the essence of special places and captured memories, both near and far. Travels to Italy and exposure to the sensibility of the eroding nature of ancient architecture have influenced my latest work.


My painting process involves layers upon layers of applying paint. Using various tools for adding texture and interest, I build up and tear down, dissolve through and scrape back, excavating and veiling to recreate a sense of the mysterious through many layers of media. The addition of mark-making and asemic writing also add to the history of surface. I work on cradled panels, paper and canvas. In this process, I cherish the freedom I have found to experiment, express, and explore the world through my work.


I am an artist/painter/framer living and working in Grundy,Virginia.   I am a Signature Artist member of Baltimore Watercolor Society, and a Signature Artist member of the Virginia Watercolor Society. I currently offer workshops to art groups and a long distance mentoring program.  After traveling for 26 years participating in outdoor art festivals, my work is now represented by galleries and arts centers. I have exhibited and won awards in numerous juried shows throughout my career. My work is included in various collections- private and corporate- both nationally and internationally.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." - Edgar Degas