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This Oil Painting of 'Flowering Branches' was inspired by the many trees blooming around Richmond in the spring.  They can’’t help but draw our attention, the gorgeous round fluffy blooms so light and blowing in the  wind.  Each year I look forward to this miracle of creation.


After 35 years of serious painting, Louise enjoys reviewing the many years of struggles and rewards.  Her excellent training in traditional art at Wash U. Fine Art School in St. Louis, Mo. provided exactly the background needed to pursue her passion.  Of course, in earlier years the passion began to develop in various ways.  Always drawing and painting anything available for school projects or personal delight, using many mediums and subject matter of interest. After marriage and raising 3 children, her passion began racing at full steam.  Knowledge of structure and composition made her dream easier to accomplish.

Also, Louise has taught numerous students, always emphasizing the structural, because with that knowledge a painter can do anything and always get it right regardless of subject, or abstraction or talent.  Louise has sold her art at the Design Center in Wash.DC, Crossroads Art Center, Windemere Art Gallery, and For Art’s Sake Gallery.  Showings at Uptown Gallery, and For Art’s Sake Gallery.                                                 

She loves someone she does not know selecting  her artwork for their home.  She loves to give gifts of art to her family and friends and to stretch her style into other areas, never satisfied with the status quo!  Louise Wickham


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