Martha Kroupa

Lilifield Encaustics

Martha was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia until she left in the early 1980’s to dedicate herself to a 28-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Classically, Martha’s creativity had been expressed through music, and while visual art had been a lifelong musing, it had unfortunately been mostly unfulfilled as she served her nation.  Then, after retirement, Martha began to pursue art therapeutically as a way to stay connected to her very creative but recently departed mother.  That soon evolved into a passion of her own, especially when she discovered encaustic.  Working with beeswax, earthen pigments and scraps of nature make her feel deeply and gratefully connected to the earth, to her mother and to herself.

Martha paints with encaustic and acrylic and her work is inspired by nature and her love for all living things.  Collaboratively, with her wife Brenda (a picture framer and wood worker of thirty plus years), they enhance each piece with custom framing which typically includes reclaimed wood, metal or other objects.




Phone: (804)822-5126