Nicole Vanover

Nicole Vanover is an artist currently living in Mechanicsville Virginia.  Her passion for artwork started at a very young age, learning from her older artistic sister.  Through friendly sibling rivalry she developed new skills and a drive to ever improve her work.  


Upon graduating high school, Nicole attended Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, with a partial scholarship, from 1999 – 2000.  Although it was only one year, CCAD gave her a great foundation for her work.  She continued to develop her own style, focusing on realism, throughout the years.  During her time at CCAD she learned to used Oil and watercolor paints.  For several years after college Nicole used watercolor paints as her primary medium, but over time began using Acrylic paints on canvas.  Self- taught with this medium, she developed a style that uses many thin layers of paint to achieve vivid colors.  Nicole's paintings start with a  reference photo taken by the artist or by arranging a still life. Then, after finding the image that she wishes to create, she develops a rough pencil sketch on the canvas.  After the pencil sketch, she begins to fill the canvas with a paint sketch, which helps establish tones,values and color placement.  The next steps are the thin layers of paint.  At this time the painting is taking shape and adjustments to the painting take place.  The finishing touches to the work are with white paint, to give the image intense light.  Although time consuming, this technique achieves the artists desired effects.  Nicole's work often includes the element of water or glass.  She finds this subject matter to be challenging, beautiful and can contain brilliant light and color. The artist continually strives to create work that inspires emotion and beauty. 


Nicole has enjoyed showing her artwork in several nationally recognized art festivals, including the St. James Court art Show in Louisville, KY, which has been voted the number one show several years by  Sunshine Artist Magazine.  Her work won the Dorothy Uber Bryan award,which is the top award at the Black Swamp Art Festival in Bowling green Ohio in 2012.  She also received the first place 2D award at Crossroads Art Center in the January 2020 Juried All-Media show.

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