Not Just a Painting Class 2024

"Not Just a Painting Class"

Show Dates: September 20 - November 3, 2024

Open House & Artist Reception, Friday, Sept. 20, 2024 5-8pm


The painting classes that have been taking place on Robin Caspari’s scenic farm aren’t just art classes anymore.  They have morphed into an artistic community.  There is a feeling in the air that is openly acknowledged, a duty to create, and the group speaks louder than the individual.   The gathering has a soul all its own, and this has propelled each individual into a deeper understanding of the search for artistic freedom, potentiality and capacity.  On a regular basis, new students emerge, and old ones pass on, but there is never a skip in the step, never an interruption in the rhythm.  All is one, and one is all. It is a truly magical experience. 

A note from instructor Robin Caspari:

It all started as a class with an instructor.  Over the years, I had gained such a remarkable amount of knowledge from training with master painters; I clearly had an obligation to pass on this special wisdom.  The classes started as a group of about 5 painters once a week.  Within a few years, it had blossomed into 4 classes a week with 12 students in each.  Then all of a sudden, we had a wait list of 15!  What was happening?  “Classes” had turned into something different.  It was now a community; it was larger than me or any individual painter that was attending.  As with most communities, we all created a bond, we all started learning from and trusting one another, and we all shared a similar comradery as artists living in and negotiating a sometimes not so artistic society. 

As a painter, I never imagined I would become a teacher, and quite frankly never even really wanted to.  Then it all just happened.  Here is the amazing magic for me:

  • I had no idea that I would become a MUCH better painter because of my students. This is an understatement.
  • I had no idea that I would be propelled to study more in depth because of my students.
  •  I had no idea that my students would feed my creativity in ways I could have never imagined before teaching. 
  • I am indeed the largest beneficiary of this incredible, gracious and giving community of artists.

Because of this, I completely feel uncomfortable calling them “my students”.  It is so clear and evident that I am as much of a student as they are.  I am truly indebted to each and every student who has crossed my path, and I rarely go a day without feeling gratitude for that fact. 

This collection of paintings is a glimpse into the small world we have created together.  I hope you can look at this work through a new veil of understanding; an enlightened state that these paintings emerge from a magical and inspired space that is shared among the group. 

~Robin Caspari

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