Pam Kossman

Pam Kossman’s Heartfull Designs handcrafted jewelry collection has always included extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, from-every-corner-of-the-world creations with gemstones, pearls, and silver. The latest rage in metal is bronze, and Pam handcrafts toggles, pendants, and components from bronze clay, a kiln-firing metal process. Alternative metals, instead of gold or silver, add a captivating and interesting compliment to the stones, which have been gathered from faraway places, such as Rwanda, Botswana, Bali, Thailand and Nepal. Most of Pam’s work tends toward a chunky, earthy look, but the collection also includes pearls with bronze and Thai Hill Tribe silver accents, which is lovely, trendy, and light.

Pam Kossman currently has no products for sale online.

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