Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is a semi-retired optometrist who has always had a strong interest in the visual arts. Weekends are often spent enjoying visiting museums and attending art shows. His appreciation of the arts grew after watching his daughter Calli Ryan work toward her MFA in painting. After seeing works of blown glass in museums and watching the process of blowing and manipulating hot glass, he wanted to try it himself. He is interested in both the scientific and artistic aspects of the process. Taking private glass-blowing lessons with Chris Skibbe at The Glass Spot Over the past three years has been an amazing process. The initial focus was learning the technical, physical, and hands-on working properties of glass blowing. Now he is focusing on the contrast between vibrant colors and the crystal areas of the glass in a finished piece. He is working to both perfect his forms and experiment with many bright colors and clear space combinations to take advantage of this fascinating interaction with light and shadow. 

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