Stan Berkowitz

Stan Berkowitz was born and raised in New York City. He attended the School of Industrial Art (now called the High School of Art and Design).

He received his Bachelors in fine arts and minored in education at Hunter College. He also studied fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He did this through night school, working full-time as a commercial artist.

After receiving his degree, he turned to teaching art on all levels in public schools. He retired from Richmond public schools after 30 years and continued painting, hand-building in clay, and making dichroic jewelry. He enjoys creating art in many media, including collages and assemblages. He recently started the work of famous artists on furniture, and he has sold a number of pieces. His favorite artists are the Fauves, the Impressionists, and the Post-Impressionists.

He has lived and taught in Richmond, Virginia since 1973.