Suzanne Rowland Davis

“I have been artistic since childhood. I have had art classes and was a design major in college. Watercolor is my first effort at painting. It is a challenge, but one I think in time, where I can get comfortable. It can be so very many things — loose and sheer or very specific and detailed or all the above together. I love the way it will surprise you in the reaction of paint on paper. I embrace those surprises and learn from them.” 

Suzanne Rowland Davis, a native Texan, has lived in New York, Connecticut, and, for a number of years, Virginia.  Currently Titusville, Florida, is home, though she retains a home in Virginia and spends some time there. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (BFA) with a double major in fiber design and interior design. She calls her work career “a varied and checkered past.” She followed lots of paths, most of them totally unconnected, including owning several companies. The last, from which she retired, was an interior design firm. After a demanding and very scheduled life, she craved the slow, the unstructured, and the relaxed. Retirement meant lots of outdoor time to recharge— kayaking, hiking, and RV travel all over the U.S., or just working in the yard. These times are when she photographs and sketches for her paintings. She says painting was a surprise, as she can’t draw. Use of color, making what she sees and photographs into paintings, feeds the artist and designer in her. While her main media is transparent watercolor, she occasionally uses additional media with watercolor.

Suzanne began watercolor classes in 2012. She has taken classes from several Florida artists and from two in Virginia. Currently she is a member of Florida Watercolor Society, Brevard Watercolor Society, and Virginia Watercolor Society. She is shown at Art Gallery of Viera (Viera, Florida) and Crossroads Art Center (Richmond, Virginia

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