JC Gilmore-Bryan Title: Notre-Dame Reconstruction XX

JC Gilmore-Bryan Title: Notre-Dame Reconstruction XX


JC Gilmore-Bryan

Notre-Dame Reconstruction XX

Unique Print

Serigraphie: Black Ink, with Yellow, Turquoise and Rose Inks 

on French White Rag Johannot Paper

22.25” x 16.5”

Paris, 2019



This large unique print displays the artist’s technical experimentations while showcasing themes related to the rebuilding efforts that began after the Cathedral’s 4/15/2019 fire. The artist created this artwork during the two months immediately after the fire on site at the Cite Internationale des Arts which is located just across the Seine from the Cathedral. The artist’s on-site prints of Notre-Dame feature an exploration of, and experimentation with, unconventional techniques (including off-registration), inks (including phosphorescents and pearlescents), and fine papers (including Clairefontaine noir). No two prints are the same. This print is from a series of unique prints that have been exhibited in Paris and in the U.S. Proceeds from the sale of this unique print are donated for the Cathedral’s rebuilding fund.


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