Luttrell, Dan Title: Hollowform

Luttrell, Dan Title: Hollowform


Dan Luttrell


18.25 x 14.5"




Spalted American Holly salvaged in Chesterfield, VA. Finished with mineral oil.

Artist's Statement:

I love trees; the grain, the texture, the color.  There is always something new to discover inside.  Being able to determine this and show it in a three dimensional form is very satisfying. Every species is different.  Finding the right species and a place for its final form is a journey.  Knowing the species and what to expect is of great importance when planning a project; however, there are always nice surprises. Should the surface be glossy, matte, or textured?  It depends.  Trees are an abundant source of material for a turner.  They can be salvaged from construction sites, dumps, the firewood pile, and even diseased trees that need to be removed.


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