Artist Interview: Anu Muthulakshmi Narasimhan

Posted by Jenni Kirby - January 19 2021


For Muthulakshmi Anu Narasimhan, she seeks to artistically connect her experiences through studies in technique, color, and subject matter. “With my art, each painting has a bit of my soul in it.”

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in studio art from Virginia Tech, Narasimhan worked as a graphic designer for several years. The former 2019 Miss India DC made the switch to painting full-time after an artistic revelation. “I took a workshop last year and met a lot of artists that told me they regretted waiting to become a full-time artist, and I knew I needed to take the leap. I realized I am happiest when I paint.”

Narasimhan believes the artist’s job is to see beauty in the ordinary. “I love looking at something and figuring out how to make it stand out.” Though she keeps her subject matter varied, from portraits to landscapes, she prefers to focus on and celebrate everyday moments. “With each painting you have to find something in yourself to bring out. Every story that I want to tell comes with the challenge of how best to paint it.”

Narasimhan says she is much more adventurous than she was 10 years ago, always trying new artistic techniques. Rather than hyper-focus on details, she now prefers to paint more gestural and nuanced. “I’m an Impressionist at heart. I want the audience to engage in the painting, so I give them suggestions and let them decide what they see.”

“I can’t wait to see to where the next year takes me artistically.” Narasimhan has just moved into a larger space at Crossroads Art Center, with new artworks and even more room for exploration.

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