Artist Interview: Jackie Lewke

Posted by Jenni Kirby - June 25 2021


“I always wonder, when I see things in life or nature, what would that look like in glass?”


Like many artists, Jackie Lewke’s artistic endeavors began early on, encouraged by her mother whose love for painting led her to stained glass. “Finding the colors, finding the right combinations to make certain colors, it was almost like oil painting.” Once she became an army wife, Jackie’s glass followed her around the world. “I have loved it ever since. I create what I want, which is what I love.”


The possibilities are endless with Jackie’s glass creations, especially since she exclusively designs her own patterns. “There are things that linger in my brain long enough and I finally have to get them in glass. A lot of times I will find inspiration just looking at the shards of glass on the table, then I have to jot down the pattern or design really quick.” Once the pattern is created, then the challenge of translating it into glass begins. The tricky part with glass, Jackie says, is that once you solder the pieces together that’s it and there’s no going back.


In between smaller pieces, Jackie spends much of her time working on commissions. When starting a commission, Jackie uses a unique theory that people are either squares or circles, depending on their personal style. “More modern style I associate with squares, while more traditional is circles. Once I determine that, I focus on the textures, and shapes I want to create.” Even though the cost of glass has doubled in the last 10 years, Jackie’s commitment to quality materials remains a priority. She will travel to Maryland and buy sheets of glass at a time.


Through artistic trials, Jackie has learned to always be prepared for the unexpected and embrace change. Above all, Jackie hopes that “when people see my art, I hope it makes them happy. I want emotion associated with my work.”