Artist Interview: Logan MacKethan

Posted by Jenni Kirby - June 02 2020


Logan MacKethan loves to paint the the ever-changing colors and cloud formations she sees in the Albemarle County skies. As a goal oriented person, she has a clear vision for the endgame for her paintings. 

She learned about composition and the use of light as a photography student at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC and then as an Art History major at Northwestern University. From there, she learned about evaluating art as Director of the Trusts & Estates Division of Butterfield and Butterfield Fine Art Auction Gallery in San Francisco. “I have a strong art background in terms of viewing and placement,” MacKethan says. “When I became an artist those things became an interest at another level.”


The Show, Oil on Canvas, 40x30, $2300


As an artist, she understands the power a painting can have over it’s viewer. “My point of painting is to evoke some change and response in the viewer,” she says. “I find myself getting more expressive over time in my paintings. I am always paying attention to colors.” MacKethan is unusual in that she likes to imagine where her paintings will hang.“I stare at a painting when it’s finished and think of where would I place it,” she explains. “Then I take it around my house and look at it in different rooms and light and ask, ‘Is the piece doing what I want it to do?’ The act of moving it around informs that quickly.”

In addition to painting, MacKethan consults individuals and businesses on what paint colors to use, art to buy and where and how to display it. She is also a real estate agent and recently co-chaired the first all online fundraiser for The Women’s Initiative in Charlottesville which raised over $100,000 for the organization.  In terms of the endgame for her art, MacKethan says, “I want people to enjoy my work. Art is a gift that you can share.”