Artist Interview: Lynn Limon

Posted by Jenni Kirby - July 07 2021


You might say Lynn Limon’s photography is an exploration in the dichotomy between stillness and movement along pathways. Whether traveling through Richmond or the far reaching landscapes of Europe, Lynn explores this theme with her subject matter. She initially became interested in photography as a teenager playing with her father’s Rolleicord camera, which eventually became her own. “It was really the gadgets that got me interested at first, then the pictures drew me in further.”


Lynn’s passion for photography eventually pushed her to form a photography business with Martin McFadden in 1998. “We opened the 1212 Gallery in Richmond, we were one of the first photography only galleries in Richmond.” Their business was indeed cutting edge at the time and while the competition scoffed at the idea of digital prints, their venture thrived.


With her creative process, Lynn breaks down her subject matter into two series called Waiting and Pathways. “I’m either sitting waiting for someone to come or I’m on a path going somewhere.” When searching for the perfect shot, she likes to look at the scene from different angles to find the intersection that intrigues. Lynn says to remember “it’s always important to turn around to make sure you’re not missing anything.”



Now retired, Lynn has even more time to devote to her travels and photography. She plans to travel to New Mexico soon for a new series. “The colors and light out there are so different. I love the greens and blues of Virginia but out there it’s all gold and red.” Even though Lynn has switched from film to digital photography, she recalls using specific film depending on the colors of the scene. “I would use Kodak for reds and yellows, Fuji for blues and greens.”


Photography has taught Lynn many lessons over the years, most notably to enjoy the path along your journey. “For me, as a Yankee, I was always pushy and moving too quickly. But I have since learned to slow down and enjoy every moment.”