Artist Interview: Mike Haubenstock

Posted by Jenni Kirby - May 27 2020


Mike Haubenstock has many passions including painting, travel, cooking and color. He combines his love of these things in his colorful still lifes of fruits, vegetables and sometimes the ingredients for entire recipes. “I like to cook, and some years ago got the idea of painting the ingredients of recipes and what they are cooked in,” he says. “One of the first ones I did was paella. with rice, onions, tomato, garlic, peppers, chicken, sausage and, of course, a paella pan. It’s just fun!” Haubenstock has since added other recipes to the series like cheese soufflé, guacamole and a variety of cocktails; all with clearly identifiable elements to help he viewer identify he recipe is.


Bacon and Eggs, Oil, 22x28, $600
He also has a “Reflection” series of paintings. During his travels he snaps shots of display windows with interesting merchandising that feature reflections of cool architecture. His first inspiration was a colorful dress on a mannequin in a store window on 5th Avenue with Rockefeller Center in its reflection. Currently he is marrying the food theme with the window/reflection concept. “I am working on one now of a woman drinking coffee in the window of a coffee shop in Chicago with the Art Institute of Chicago reflected in the window,” he says.


Cynthia Rowley Shop, Oil, 44x34, $1500 


Haubenstock is passing “stay-in-place” time with online competitive bridge, a regular yoga practice, planning some plain air sessions and future international travel. When asked about his ambitions for his art, Haubenstock replied, “Art is an enjoyable activity that I enjoy sharing. I just want to paint things that interest me, that I would want to hang on my wall, and that I hope others would like as well.”