Mike Haubenstock

Top Image:

Walking to work

27" x 39"




Artist Bio:

Mike Haubenstock, based in Glen Allen, Virginia, paints landscapes and still lifes in oil. He is inspired by architecture, natural scenes, and colorful displays. His still lifes often feature fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Mike's painting is representational. He wants the viewer to be drawn in by color and depth, by a painting that inspires and creates continual interest and perhaps whets your appetite.

Mike frequently picks a theme and paints works in a series to experiment with variations. His most recent Reflection Series is based on  store windows showing the interior, reflections of the people and buildings opposite, and sometimes the street scene itself creating two or three paintings in one. His International Recipe Series is inspired by his love of cooking. These paintings show the ingredients in favorite dishes and cocktails and the vessels in which they are prepared, ranging from paella to a scuffle.