Artist Interview: Susan Bock

Posted by Carson Smith - April 15 2020

Right now artist, Susan is using her stay-at-home time to clean up files on computer and making sure everything is backed up. This is important work for the photographer who uses digital images for hand-coloring her original black-and-white photographs and historical images. At one time, Bock was a journalist in Carmel, California. There she met some interesting people as editor and chief photographer for Monterey Life. “As the editor of a magazine I had access to all kinds of interesting people,” she says.                                                                       
She met actor Clint Eastwood and two of her photographer idols, Brett Weston and Ansel Adams. “Carmel was really how I got started in photography,” Bock explains. “I had my first show in Cannery Row.”
     Broad Street Station: 1940, Hand-Tinted Photo          
A native of Virginia, Bock moved back to RVA in 1992. Upon her return she started a company called, Indigo Marketing and did her first hand-colored photography show in partnership with Dementi studios. Currently, she is working on a book project, “I am putting together a book in celebration of women,” she says. “It is a book with hand tinted photographs of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.”                                                                                                   
While you eagerly wait for her new book, why not shop her selection hand-tinted photographs online