Susan Bock

Susan Bock was a photographer and artist specializing in hand-coloring her original black-and-white photographs and historical images. She created a collection of more than 400 images cover the period of 1860 to the present day.

Each photograph in her historical collection has been carefully restored and hand-tinted with her specialized transparent oil mixture. This tinting brings to life the details and realism of photographs from Civil War battles, people and places in the rural south, Richmond and Williamsburg historical sites, and many other places in Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and along the east coast.

The collection has grown to include topical sections for sports, trains, World Wars I and II, and special series on women and African-Americans, among others.

Susan studied photography for more than 30 years. She first started hand-tinting her original photographs while living in California in the 1980s, where she shows her work at galleries in Carmel and in Monterey’s Cannery Row. She began tinting historical images approximately 20 years ago, and this has grown into a labor of love.