Alice Husak

Reverse Glass Paintings

Artist Story:

“In college I couldn’t afford art supplies, so I’d walk through alleys collecting windows (which, at the time, many people were replacing) and use what was available to me as canvas. One day, a work-in-progress propped up backwards stopped me in my tracks: I fell in love with the richness of colors and depth trapped beneath the glass’ surface. From there, I trained myself to paint backwards, pursuing the adventure I’d stumbled upon.”



For over a decade, Alice has been creating Looking Glass. The reverse glass painting technique is unique in that everything is done backwards and inside out: paint is applied directly on glass from one side and viewed from the opposite side.

The image is painted in reverse, meaning the foreground is painted first and the background comes last. It’s most certainly a self-taught technique that’s akin to jumping down a rabbit hole.



Because the canvas is transparent, accounting for light is a key component in the creation process, along with the 30-60 layers (+ hidden pigments) that provide texture and shift, based on viewer participation and angle of illumination. She encourages people to walk around each piece and experience the secret/subtle shifts evoked by layers and light.



Instagram: backthatglasssup