Alice Husak

Alice’s Looking Glass

Glass is a transformative, magical canvas that artists have found irresistible throughout past ages, and still do today.

Reflecting on the history of glass – sand, when heated, melts and changes composition to reveal myriad reflections of light and color.

In Husak’s work, she travels through this irresistible glass medium and images, like adventures – emerge and shift with exposure to light.

Painting in reverse, she creates an image on one side of the glass and views the completed scene from the other side.

Layers of paint are applied in reverse – meaning, the details are painted first and the background is the last component added to each piece.

To explore the aesthetic of motion in 2D, Husak custom mixes kinechromatic pigments with enamels that exhibit spectral reflectance to light and color-shifting with the angle of view.

The surface of the glass lends depth to this mixture of pigments, causing elements in the picture to change color, appear and disappear as both the angle of viewing and the angle of illumination change.

Working in reverse with such an inspirational medium is an exciting journey of perpetual discovery, and she invites you to join her on this ever-evolving adventure through the looking glass.

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