Ann Fulcher

Ann S. Fulcher, a native of Virginia, uses photography as a means of preserving fleeting moments that will not recur and that in all likelihood will be lost to memory. Her goal is to capture the essence of a place and to connect with that place through the majesty of its animals, landscape, people and architecture.  Her photographic journey began in 2011 with a trip to the Galapagos Islands and has since taken her to India, Africa, Cuba, Iceland, Costa Rica, France, Peru and, yes, of course, to beautiful places in her own great country such as Alaska and New Mexico. As a radiologist who has made a career out of reviewing images, she is delighted to combine her love of all that is visual with her love of travel and to share the results with others. With COVID-related travel restrictions in place, Ann has focused on birds native to Virginia and on iconic local landmarks. 

All photographs can be printed in a variety of sizes and materials including gallery box, metal, acrylic with or without frame. Pricing available for these options upon request.


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Through the Lens of Ann Fulcher

 Dr. Ann Fulcher, an abdominal radiologist and department chair at VCU Health, is a nature photographer whose National Geographic quality pictures are now sold both online and in her gallery space at Crossroads. With such big professional responsibilities, she has had to develop a system for balancing her work and artistic passions.

The Stuart County native has a couple of tricks for ensuring she has time to take stellar photographs. One of them is travel, which is what actually motivated her to pick up a real camera in the first place. “I have been able to couple my love of travel with photography,” she says. “When I decided to travel on my own my first trip was to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. I purchased a nice camera for the trip then ordered a book and studied it, going out shooting the next day applying what I learned the night before.”  She also took a night course at University of Richmond from Linda Richardson where she met her photography mentor, David Everette.

When travel is not an option, Fulcher uses her after work hours to try different artistic approaches. This spring she was headed to Borneo but had to cancel her trip due to the pandemic, so she taught herself macro photography. “I was a biology major and I love getting outside so I decided to see what I could shoot in my backyard,” she says. “I set up a feeding station around my patio and now I photograph birds. It’s an evolving story in front of you all the time.”

Whether she is carving out time to travel to exotic locales or shooting flowers from her garden in her kitchen after work, we are glad she uses her time management skills so well.