Carol Anna Meese

Featured Piece: Wandering in Blue, Mixed Media, 60x47, $2500


To transport, to lift, to transform, is why I make art.  I seek poetry … magic … to distill the essence. Paintings develop according to sensing and moods. I’m never sure what will happen; some days are just good painting days. My work is not planned; it evolves. I frequently paint over unsatisfying work letting the history inform the new work. A landscape may become a figure, a figure a landscape. Metamorphosis happens.

Lively surfaces, gestural brushwork. Singing and dancing helps. Paintings begin in memory and become real as they develop. Certain places haunt me; I try to recreate the feeling in paint. If I don’t remember something, it is not important, and so I reject working from photos; they just tighten me up. I try not to think much. Only much later do I study my results.  Some days I wipe out everything I have worked on all day. Some days only a touch of red is needed. Color is seductive. It has emotive power, speaks unconsciously. Drama, energy, libido: they all come to play together. Some days the party is better.

Carol Anna Meese has traveled, lived, studied, and worked in Mexico, Italy, the West Indies, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Her paintings and photographs have progressed through  exhibitions and competitions throughout the United States and abroad. She has exhibited at The Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, and has had duo exhibitions at L’Alliance Francaise de Dhaka in Bangladesh and at The Third Eye in Katmandu, Nepal. Numerous accolades include the seasonal program cover for The Richmond Symphony. Meese was awarded “Best in Show” at The Montpelier Center for the Arts in Virginia and featured in a book on Madonna. She has won numerous awards for her mixed-media works of photography and oil paint on canvas. Her current body of work is progressing toward the abstract. S is represented by galleries in Virginia, Washington D.C., and North Carolina.

Meese’s art is included in the collections of L’Alliance Francaise de Dhaka, The University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dartmouth College, a Norwegian film producer, and Michael Ondaatje, Author of The English Patient.

Carol lives in the Richmond area and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She holds a master of science degree in clinical ssychology and has postgraduate training in fine art, creative writing, and art therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University, The George Washington University, and The Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy. She recently restored The Nathaniel Friend House (circa 1816), which houses a restaurant, in Petersburg, Virginia. She continues to travel extensively and plans to paint and exhibit her way around the world.

I want to vivify, to paint worlds one would want to enter. Living in various cultures has increased my love of the exotic and mysterious.


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