Dana Masters

Dana Masters gathers inspiration from everywhere: observation of life around her, family and friends, and a couple of terrific cats.


To create each piece of her ON A WHIM SILHOUETTE jewelry, she first cuts the basic shapes out of anodized aluminum or brass sheets. She designs the silhouettes and makes a pattern that she places on what will be the top metal piece. Using a jewelers saw and a very fine blade she carefully saws outs the silhouettes. She then layers the shapes with the cut-out pieces on top. Sometimes, she rivets all the layers together, and, other times, she allows each layer to move separately for a different effect. She adds beads, chain, or ear wires to finish each piece.


"Working on the silhouettes has been great fun. I get great satisfaction as each new silhouette emerges from the metal.


Her approach to developing pieces for her ON A WHIM PEWTER collection begins with an idea. Every design is her own concept. She tries to create pieces that are both whimsical and utilitarian. Once a design is solidified in her head, she begins to carve the original in wax, often using several different types of wax to create effects. She forms the waxes into the design she wants, including every detail and technical aspect. Once Dana has completed the waxes, they are ready to be transformed into pewter. She sends the finished waxes to a pewter company in New England, where molds are made of her originals and castings are created from those molds. Finally, she adds the finishing touches: pouches, ribbons, poems, and romance cards. "Each creation becomes a part of me. I strive to express a sense of movement and an interaction between the characters or with the viewer. I'm not satisfied with a piece until I can feel the life in it emerge. That's the true challenge: bringing them to life.


"Both processes are fascinating, and truly a labor of love."