Dianna Waters

“Art is healing” Art gives us the opportunity to be truthful, honest and transparent, without judgement or qualification. It is true expression of who we are at that point and time. It allows us to move forward and look back simultaneously.  By healing ourselves, art allows us to heal all – so I create because I love to make something that may make a difference in someone’s life.

Dianna Waters is an emergent multifaceted artist, potter, sculpture, shaman, world traveler, Rotarian and pilot, from Richmond Virginia.

Dianna has a passion for paint, clay, healing and to bring awareness to the world to put an end to sex trafficking to our children through making a difference around the world and with her art.

Dianna is a mother of three boys, four grandchildren, two beautiful daughters in laws and a doggie name Tango.

Dianna loves art, music, philosophy, nature, kayaking and the wind.

Art is about passion, spiritual and personal growth, and seeing beauty in everyday life.

Dianna sees the beauty in everyday ordinary people, the simple things that they love about their lives.

Dianna shares her own experiences with travel and working with some of the poorest people in the world to bring it to clay and paint. 

She wants to bring awareness and beauty to the world to make a difference in the world one small task at a time.

The Process: 

Dianna loves working with clay to roll it, form it and see where it takes her, her pottery is slab and from the wheel, raku, pit fired, kiln fired and many different techniques. She uses paint to create portraits and abstracts of people she has worked with and met along her journey.

She has used mostly oil in the past but has experimented with spray paint, acrylic, resin, and anything that looks interesting to see how far she can go. She loves to push the envelope.