Donna Frostick

Donna Frostick has had a life-long fascination with animism, and as an artist, she seeks ways to depict what she suspects lies beyond the phenomenal world. Landscape painting seems to address this  best for her, and she has focused almost exclusively on landscape subjects for a few years.  

Donna’s subjects often emphasize a small slice of a place that exudes the mysterious to her. Her goal is to evoke in the viewer a familiar scene or a nostalgic memory from their own life. The overlapping of the scenes in the viewer’s mind and on the canvas creates a new “emotional landscape” that she hopes produces a feeling similar to how she perceives the world.

Donna is a native of Richmond, Virginia, with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. She works in acrylic, ink and charcoal, and her subjects are primarily landscapes. He work has been represented in dozens of shows in the Mid-Atlantic region.