Elizabeth Longstreet Titmus


A successful accountant turned fervent artist, until retiring Elizabeth Longstreet Titmus did not believe she had a creative bone in her body. “It wasn’t until my sister came to visit after I retired and suggested I take up painting. Eventually, I signed up for a class and that’s how it all began.” Elizabeth entered juried shows and began selling her paintings at various shows, which encouraged her to dive deeper.  

Through fellow artist and friend Terry Lacy, Elizabeth joined the Swimming-in-Paint group, led by Chuck Larivey at Crossroads. “You learn so much by being around artistic people. I didn’t start painting large scale until I joined SIP.” Elizabeth prefers to paint from photographs, often of her favorite places like the Outer Banks. “I can only paint things that bring me joy. It’s nothing definite, just a feeling.”

For Elizabeth, the most rewarding part of being an artist is inspiring and creating an emotional connection with the public through her artworks. “When someone is inspired enough to buy my paintings, then I am inspired to paint again. I like that we cause a reaction in someone that they want a creation of mine for their own. It’s nice to know your work is out there in the world and someone is enjoying it!”

Throughout her artistic journey, Elizabeth has discovered a few truths. “You need to find what flows within you and let it speak. I haven’t always followed every artistic rule, I follow intuition.” She continues to live by her mantra “life is a journey, keep moving.”



Elizabeth Longstreet Titmus is an award winning and highly regarded fine artist in the Richmond  area. Landscapes, birds, koi and other wildlife discovered in her daily life and throughout her travels are among her favorite subjects to paint.

Before becoming a painter, Elizabeth had a rich life in which she, surprisingly, spent much of her time working with numbers. Instead of canvas, she worked on a spreadsheet - an art all its own. She began her pre-artist professional career at First & Merchants Bank in downtown Richmond, Virginia then across the street at Siddall, Matus & Coughter, an advertising and public relations agency. After almost 30 years in accounting and finance, she worked her way up to CFO. She loved working at an agency surrounded by creative people and never imagined that one day she would express her own creativity with a brush and paint.

She began painting after retiring from accounting in 2006 and studied with artists in the Petersburg area. For the last three years she has been coached and mentored by Chuck Larivey as part of the Swimming-In-Paint team. “Working in SIP has enriched my life with new friendships and the opportunity to learn,” says Titmus. “Inspiration comes when I least expect it, catches me unaware.”

Elizabeth is represented at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond featuring current work and  prints.