Emma Knight

“I just love painting trees,” says artist Emma Knight, beginning to laugh. “When my kids were little their friends called them claymation trees.” Read more of our interview with Emma Knight by clicking Here!

There is no mistaking the artwork of Emma Knight – musing and moody. Knight's landscapes are abstracted, yet the scenes are full of inferred space and very recognizable. Whether it is a landscape, a still life or an abstract work, she paints using the “indirect method” to manipulate line, color, shape and texture to evoke mood.

Knight studied art at the University of Mary Washington and at Virginia Commonwealth University. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia she spent 20 years in Savannah, Georgia before returning to her home town.  She has worked in advertising, stationery manufacturing, art education and as a make-up artist. Her paintings have been shown in art fairs, auctions and galleries nationwide, including the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art's satellite gallery. Emma is also a participating artist in the State Department's esteemed Art in Embassies Program.