Enetta Pong

ENETTA PONG is a self-taught mandala “dot” artist who lives in Richmond, VA.

A native of New York City, her colorful Mandala-inspired vases, mugs, and candle holders pay homage to her Indo-Caribbean roots.

After completing nurses training, Enetta began to delve into the ways that spirituality and mindfulness impacted the body and how physical health and emotional well-being intertwined.

Curious about further exploring these connections, Enetta advanced her studies to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. In this capacity, mindfulness and spirituality took on a different meaning for her. The words “whole,” “health” and “holy,” shared a common root as she led patients through the maze of a complicated healthcare system and supported them through their quest for sound health. She used dots and circles to demonstrate these common roots, and this was the beginning of her interest in establishing Bhindu.Art 

Bhindu is a Sanskrit word meaning “center”: the point or dot from which all creation begins and is unified. At the same time, she took an interest in Mandalas, beautiful, intricate, geometric compositions associated with meditation and relaxation, and she began to utilize these two modalities in assisting her patients.

The circular patterns of colorful dots and the peace and tranquility of the Mandalas has furthered her client reach and she began an Affirmation Art Healing service where she leads group and individual sessions for emotional support and artistic expression.

For Enetta, nothing is more enjoyable than returning to her studio after a long day of helping others… to help herself…by creating art.



Artists Statement

My art provides me an opportunity for physical and mental recuperation. I paint on ceramics, glass, cement, and other surfaces to create mandala-inspired designs. I enjoy exploring and blending new colors. My tealight holders, planters and clay earrings are hand-caste; every dot I produce is painted free hand. I use no stencils, rulers, or protractors to create a design.

The designs come from within my core because Bindhu Art is more than my designs…it is my Chakra… to express my feelings, quiet my emotions and promote inner harmony, clarity, and balance.