Friends of Crossroads


In 2024, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting addition to Crossroads – the 'Friends of Crossroads' program. This innovative initiative is more than just a program; it's a vibrant club that opens the doors to a dynamic exploration of the Richmond art scene, alongside delving into the rich history of museums and institutes in the city. 

The 'Friends of Crossroads' club is designed to be an immersive experience, removing any barriers for art enthusiasts who wish to engage with the cultural tapestry of Richmond. Our club takes care of all the arrangements for our members, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. From organizing visits to the most intriguing art exhibitions to curated tours of historical museums, we handle it all. As a member, all you need to do is sign up and get ready to embark on a journey of discovery.

We understand that many individuals have a desire to explore the Richmond Arts but may feel unsure about where to start or lack companionship for these adventures. With 'Friends of Crossroads,' we take the lead, providing a supportive community where members can come together, share their passion for art, and embark on enriching experiences.

This program is more than just a club; it's a gateway to new connections, shared adventures, and a deeper appreciation for the arts. 'Friends of Crossroads' is not just a program; it's a community-driven initiative that brings people closer to the cultural heartbeat of Richmond. Join us as we explore, discover, and create lasting memories together.

So, What's next? Unlock a world of exploration with an annual membership fee of just $50. Our monthly events operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Ensure your membership is active and sign up for Crossroads Art Center e-newsletters to enjoy priority access to events!

To join now and kickstart your journey of discovery, CLICK HERE


1. What is the annual membership fee for the Friends of Crossroads Club?
The annual fee is $50, which can be paid online or in-person.

2. What is included in the fee?
As a member, you will gain access to member-exclusive workshops, Lunch + Learn sessions, and curated tours at museums and cultural events.

3. Will there be any additional fees for specific events?
Some museum tours and special events may require an admission fee. We have worked with organizations to secure lower rates and some free tours as part of this program. If there are any additional fees required, they will be noted on the event sign up page.

4. How do I sign up for events each month?
Once you sign up as a member, you will be emailed events. Make sure to follow along here for updates and sign up sooner rather than later, as most tours have a limit and are first come, first served!

5. Is there a limit to attendance for each event?
Certain museums and organizations will have a limit on the number of attendees. We will try our best to accommodate as many members as possible and will let you know ahead of time if there is a limit to any event. As always, make sure to keep track of events and sign up sooner rather than later!

Upcoming Events (check back often for updates)


Mad Hatter Garden Party @ The Branch Museum

Put your creative thinking cap on (literally!) and mingle with fellow art enthusiasts at the Mad Hatter Garden Party and Design Auction, at the Branch Museum! This annual event boasts extravagant hats created and donned by attendees.

“The Mad Hatter Garden Party and Design Auction is one of two annual fundraisers for The Branch that supports our mission to explore design in everyday life. The proceeds from the auction are essential support for our design exhibitions, public programs, and educational efforts. Proceeds also support the local designers and artists who have generously contributed. Guests are encouraged to wear their most inventive, extravagant, and ostentatious hats.”

We encourage our members and artists to attend this annual event. This year’s Mad Hatter Garden Party will be held on April 19th, 2024.  Learn more here.


Lunch + Learn with Joan Davis - May 10 at Noon

Friends of Crossroads members are invited to a Lunch + Learn with Joan Davis on Friday, May 10 at Noon. Bring a bagged lunch and join us! Light drinks and snacks will be provided.

About Joan Davis: Schroder Davis Law, PLC provides effective legal counsel to clients in media, art, fashion, advertising, entertainment, and more. Our firm is based in Richmond, Virginia and respected by clients around the world.

With decades of experience in entertainment and related areas of law, our lawyers will advise you from concept to execution, bringing sound judgment, strategic guidance, and practical, affordable approaches to every challenge.

Sign up here.


French Themed Evening

Join Friends of Crossroads on July 28th at 3:30pm for a French themed evening starting with a guided tour at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture's new Julia Child Exhibition, followed by dinner at Can Can Brasserie at 5:00pm! Please note: admission to this event is limited. Upon sign up, your attendance at both the tour and dinner is expected. You will be responsible for your own check at Can Can Brasserie.

About the Exhibition: Julia Child’s insatiable curiosity and tenacious spirit drove her to endlessly try, test, prove and communicate how to make delicious food. Learning to cook empowered Julia and she in turn empowered others, profoundly transforming American cuisine and food culture. Julia Child: A Recipe for Life explores the key ingredients that led to Julia’s personal evolution and America’s culinary revolution.

Visitors will journey through Julia’s life, as she explored the world and discovered her sense of curiosity including the moment that ignited her love for French cuisine and inspired her career.

At the heart of the exhibition, Julia’s passion for teaching is explored through her meticulous process of recipe development for Mastering the Art of French Cooking and The French Chef, culminating with her legacy of inspiring chefs of all levels.

Key Experiences:

  1. Interactive "The French Chef" television set
  2. Video, audio, and photography documenting Julia, her distinctive voice, and her extraordinary contributions to the culinary world
  3. Sounds and smells of Julia’s kitchen
  4. Visitors can view and share memories of Julia’s legacy

Learn more about the exhibition by clicking here, and sign up here. 


Friends of Crossroads at The Poe Museum

Join Friends of Crossroads on August 24th at 3:00pm for a guided tour of the Poe Museum, followed by a casual happy hour at Stone Brewing! Please note: admission to this event is limited.

About the Tour:

This tour focuses on Edgar Allan Poe's life and legacy, featuring the world’s finest collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s artifacts and personal items. Learn about Poe’s tragic life and how it influenced his famous tales of terror. Leave with a greater understanding of the Master of the Macabre and his literary legacy. 

Why are we still reading Poe’s works? Who was the man behind such classic works as “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart?” This presentation will answer these questions and tell the equally tragic and compelling story of Poe’s life, while providing insight on his legacy in literature.

Learn more about the Poe Museum by clicking here, and sign up here.


Friends of Crossroads at Hollywood Cemetery

Join Friends of Crossroads on September 15th at 10:00 am for a guided walking tour of Hollywood Cemetery, led by the Valentine Museum! Please note: Admission to this event is limited

Join us and explore the history and design of Richmond’s Hollywood cemetery, including stories of rebels and rockers, politicians and Pulitzer prize winners, and, of course, two U.S. presidents: James Monroe and John Tyler. We’ll also discuss the 18,000 Civil War dead buried in Hollywood and the cemetery’s complicated legacy as a shrine to the Confederacy. Participants will examine the history of the city beautiful movement, observe the fall line and learn about the complicated history of the cemetery.

Learn more by clicking here, and sign up here. 


Friends of Crossroads at the Institute for Contemporary Art

Join Friends of Crossroads on November 30th at 3:00pm for a guided tour of the Institute for Contemporary Art! This guided tour will highlight current exhibitions including: Loie Hollowell retrospective in our first floor gallery; a new show about little known black architect Amaza Lee Meredith titled Dear Mazie by our curator Amber Esseiva; and our third floor gallery will host an installation by Richmond-based artist Caitlin Cherry.  Please note: admission to this event is limited.

The Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University presents the art of our time and provides an open forum for dialogue and collaboration across the region and throughout the world. Opened on April 21, 2018, the ICA is a non-collecting institution that showcases an ever-changing slate of exhibitions, performances, films, and special programs that translate our world into every medium.

Learn more about the ICA by clicking here, and sign up here.