Geraldo Netto

CAC Artist Interview:

Geraldo Netto recalls his first ventures in art as a young boy in Brazil, where he spent hours daily drawing every page from a book about Michelangelo. “I like to think of him as my first teacher.”

Now, Geraldo is known for his own mysterious, mixed-media paintings and their sfumato, dreamscape-like qualities. “I want to let you think about what is there. I just give some detail and controlled, subtle color.” Since the pandemic, Geraldo has aspired for his paintings to offer an escape – a warm, safe place to wander.

Preferring to work large-scale, his paintings give hints of winding roads, trees and reflections on water. “I love landscapes. I want to put my own emotion and mystery behind each piece, to make it like a daydream destination.”

When not painting, this Renaissance man likes to spend his time learning about cooking, design and wood working. “I like to learn everyday and I like to build things. Cooking is my favorite thing besides painting.” Some more recent projects, outside of painting, range from making furniture, to chandeliers and his very own pizza oven.


Instagram: @nettorva