Jean Grunewald


Jean Kolb Grunewald is a representational and impressionist painter of almost everything but specializing in Figurative and Animals. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Radford College but took most of her classes at Virginia Commonwealth University (RPI) in Richmond, VA.

Since she has moved 18 times and traveled the world, this has allowed her great diversity in her art careers from Teaching, Portraiture, Tromp L'Oeil wall Murals, Plein Air painting, Floral Designing and Commercial Art renderings.

Now living in North Carolina, Jean wants to focus on designing multiple figure paintings and recording in still life precious things we are tossing out but still love. Then there are always horses!

When painting she listens to books on tape... always learning and studying art and artists. Her favorites are the old illustrators. She is lately obsessed with lost line and a bit more abstraction. Always at the ready for a new challenge!