Jennifer Yane

"I'm Jennifer Yane.

Because my mother, Margaret Yane was a fine art painter, painting and art run in my veins.  She always gave me drawing materials when I played near her easel. As I grew, I loved drawing portraits and begged people to pose for me. I began doing life drawings at age 16 in Washington DC.  Though I was steered into the teaching profession, and later became a Public Information Officer for the State of Virginia, my heart was always in my art.

Holding degrees in English literature from Madison College and the University of Virginia,  I ultimately moved to Richmond, Virginia where my first marriage ended and I entered a 12-Step Recovery program.   My recovery gave me the courage to attend Virginia Commonwealth University on scholarship where I received a degree in Art Education.  It was always the studio classes that I loved. To earn a living I became a button maker. You can read all about that journey in the newspaper.

I am still running my button business, but it is painting that I keep returning to. I love to paint from my imagination, and I have also regained my passion for doing portraits.  Though I mostly paint portraits from photos rather than from life, people often tell me that I have captured the expression of the soul, not just a likeness.  It is this “capture”  that fuels my passion for painting images of the beings who own your heart.  And it is for this reason that I need your most special photos to work from."


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