Lois Shipley

“For me, painting a landscape is an opportunity to capture one moment in an ever changing world. It is often the serendipity of light, colors and shapes aligning to inspire an emotion or reaction.”

Being a country girl, Lois leans toward more rural landscapes. Whether it is a dirt road carving its way through a field or forest, or an ancient cave dwelling, her oil paintings often reveal that a landscape was touched by a human. She is also intrigued by how Mother Nature may take something ‘man has made and adds her own artistic touch with a patina or rust, or weathering a wooden board. Old structures being reclaimed by nature have been a subject in some of Lois’ paintings. “The textures and shapes offer so much to play with!”

Lois is inspired by everyday landscapes near her home in rural Virginia and from her travels. Her paintings are a record of her journey. Always mindful of a potential painting, Lois takes her own photographs to use later as a resource in her studio. “Painting is an excellent way of being in the moment and remembering a moment.”

Lois is a graduate from Shepherd College (now University) with a Bachelor degree in Art Education. Before retirement, she was employed by The Montpelier Center for Arts & Education in Montpelier, VA as Executive Director, and more recently as Art Gallery Director. Lois has been an exhibiting member of James River Art League in Richmond since 2006, and currently serves on their Executive Board as Chair of the JRAL Gallery at Crossroads. She is also a member of Virginia Plein Air Painters and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.