Rebecca Grow

Let me begin by sharing a secret with you. I never, ever imagined that I would some day become a visual artist! You see, unlike many other artists you may know I wasn't born with a natural gift for drawing, let alone painting. But I did have one thing going for me. My unrelenting desire to create and share my own special type of art with the world. I also always had a fascination with boxes. And the more intricately designed the box, the better. It wasn't just their construction that drew me to them. It was the magical way that these intricate masterpieces could both tell a story all their own while secreting the small treasures that symbolized the most important stories in their owner's lives. So after a wonderful career in the theatre as an actress, director, and teacher, I made a promise to myself. I committed myself to working hard to learn how to draw and paint. It wasn't long after that that I found my true artistic voice and purpose. That's when I finally combined my love for watercolor painting and the powerful storytelling inherent in a well-crafted box to create my fine art boxes to share with the world. Each piece I create combines beauty with form and function to help you collect and protect your most treasured keepsakes. And like you, each work uniquely tells a story that compliments and showcases the items that remind you of the most important stories in your life.